Capital Harmonia

Giving The Gift of Song To Nourish Our Hearts and Heal Our Spirit!!!!


Capital Harmonia performs free of charge throughout the Washington DC region. Capital Harmonia relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations to cover approximately half of the organization’s total operating expenses in excess of dues paid by the singers.

When you shop Amazon donates      Click on the Amazon Smile logo above and start shopping.

When you shop Amazon donates

Click on the Amazon Smile logo above and start shopping.

I would like to contribute to Capital Harmonia’s operations by providing (please choose one):

$25 to buy music for Chorus

$60 to adopt a rehearsal

$250 to sponsor handbills at public performances

$500  to sponsor a performance in a residence that provides services to women in need such as a shelter or a nursing home

$750 to sponsor a performance at an event of an organization important to women, such as a fundraiser for breast cancer or a conference on women’s issues

$1,000 to sponsor the orchestra for the Annual Womens Choral Festival

 $$$ Women's Choral Festival - Your Choice.  We are honored to host the annual Women's Choral Festival during Women's History month to celebrate the significant contributions of women who have and are making history. We need your support to support to continue to create this  annual event. Please consider a contribution to give us a voice to honor the work of women today and in the past.

To donate online please use the button below:

To donate via mail please send your check and how you would like it to be used to: 

Ms. Mary Ann East, Artistic Director

15003 Ulderic Drive

Centerville  VA 20120

Please include your name, address, and contact information (phone and email). We will send a receipt with a letter for income tax purposes. For more, please e-mail Ms. Mary Ann East,

Capital Harmonia is recognized by both the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Internal Revenue Service of the Untied States as a public charity. All contributions, transfers, and gifts to Capital Harmonia are deductible for tax purposes.